Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Broviac surgery - plus prayer requests

Hey guys,

I'd like to say first if you would please pray for my friend, Kelsey, she's not doing well right now and she is going to the PICU. I don't feel like explaining, but she is very sick right now and I would appreciate it so much if you would please pray for her health and for God to heal her 100%.

Another thing, I am going to be getting a new central line, a Broviac double lumen, on Monday. We are still waiting for Dr. Flores to call my local GI about what we're gonna do about my colon. Blegh.

I have this pounding headache and finally I convinced the GI to please let me have dilaudid for my head, not for my stomach cause oxycodone works for as long as I have this pounding headache they will use dilaudid. (1/2 mg)

Thanks guys, hopefully everything goes well with my health soon. And oh, yeah, I also found a homescooling curriculum that I love!! I'm really excited to start it cause they have an online chat community to talk to other kids that are doing the curriculum too. It's called Oak Meadow. I also get to do a professional, basically "shadowing" of the job that I want to pursue. I want to pursue respiratory therapy. I know I can handle it, it's exciting because the RT that i have here said that it was cool, but I have to get special permission, first. Hopefully they will let me wear my own scrubs! LOL. I've been scrub shopping online since last night and I've found some really cute scrubs. I might even go to Uniform City to look at all the pretty scrubs :) Can't wait to one day wear them, lol. :p

Please do keep praying for me. This infection is clearing up a bit which is good. I think the UTI went away too...they changed my antibiotic from vancomycin to ancef. The anesthesiologist wants to try me on IV methadone to see if we can tackle my stomach and pounding headache at the same time. She doesn't like oxycodone though I really get relief from it with pain.

Thank you guys<3

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