Monday, August 8, 2011

Arrived safely in Boston!

Hi there guys. I'm in the hospital right now, got here to Boston safely and let me tell you...I LOVE IT!!!! It's SO beautiful! I could TOTALLY see myself living here. There's Hispanics here, the culture is beautiful, the history is just amazing, everything is just sooo gorgeous. And the doctors? WOW. The doctors that I have seen so far are just great. They've been SO KIND to me and have told me that i'm not cuckoo, that surgery may be an option but we have to see the results of the tests tomorrow first so we can get this ball rolling!!! I'm basically in mito kingdom, there's SO MUCH information on mito here and that makes me so happy cause I know I'm in the right place, EVERYONE knows I'm in the right place!! All of this is amazing!! I'll be seeing Dr. Alex Flores (the nurses have been absolutely bragging about the guy. they just loveee him!) as well as my one nurse also telling me how much in love with Dr. Korson that I'm going to see as well. I actually saw Dr. Korson today walk out of the clinic!! I was like, wait a second! That person looks familiar! Duhhh. LOL. Anyways, I'm gonna go and I'll show you my picture of being in front of the Tufts Medical Center sign (there's a huge teddy bear statue! it's awesome!!) And oh yeah, the weather, I can actually breathe without using an inhaler. The weather is so amazing. I wish Florida was that nice. I can't wait to move out of icky sticky Florida. It's so dumb, I don't know why anyone would want to live there when they could live in beautiful Boston instead.. besides, Boston has the "T"! (aka, the subway ;P) it's COOL! Florida is NOT! Literally..! >_>

I'm gonna have the colonic manometry and antroduodenal manometry tomorrow morning while I'm sedated. We're all hoping this is it! This is the stuff that will tell us what's going on and lead us onto more of a road of answers. I'm gonna see Dr. Flores and Dr. Korson and they are going to work together to figure all this out! And hopefully give me a definite answer on the question if this is a mitochondrial disease. Of course, I don't want the disease, it's really not fun..but I just want an answer, so we can start treating with medication and try to get me better at all.

I can't have any pain medication, even though I walked quite a bit and my legs are hurting so bad, as well as my stomach. They're going to get me going on IV fluids as well as I think a bunch of miralax to clean me out for the procedure tomorrow cause I needa have a clean colon. :/

I'M GONNA SEE MY FRIEND TAYLOR TOMORROW TOO. Oh, and by the way, these Bostonian accents are AMAZING. "Pahk the cah", "hahvud yahd", "ahen't instead of aren't"'s hilarious!! LOL.

Okay, guys, sorry...bye...I'll talk to you later! {:

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