Thursday, August 25, 2011

Many things going in my mind..and BENEFIT CONCERTS!!

Hey everybody...

So besides everything not being so rainbows and butterflies today...just some personal stuff and my health being suckish as usual, it's been...blah. I haven't been feeling so great today. My stomach has been driving me nuts. So I'm gonna take some medicine cause I'm exhausted and in pain and yeah, all that jazz.

Anyways, the main reason for this post is because there is a fundraiser concert series for me to raise money to buy a new power wheelchair!! It's going to be at an indoor quaint little concert venue called The Talent Farm in my hometown and starts September 2nd! It's gonna be an awesome first night of great music and for the rest of the month during available dates, they're gonna push Caroline's Concerts in the holes! I'm SO excited!! They're supposed to get a lot of volunteer bands come for multiple concert dates so people come and watch and all the ticket money is going to be donated to Caroline's Concerts! Ahh! As well, I'm going to be performing during a couple of these awesome concerts. (insert extremely happy face in this little space that is too small to fit all my happiness here!!!! :D)

Here's the link to click that will bring you to the Facebook event about Caroline's concerts. I suggest you go raid the page and if you live in my area, RSVP and come join us starting next Friday at TTF for a great cause. :) If you don't, still check it out! I am really looking forward to these concerts.

I'm really, really, REALLY trying my hardest to stay out of the hospital but it doesn't look like this is going to last much longer...I haven't gone to the bathroom in a reaaally long time and have been taking pain medicine cause the pain is so horrible in my tummy. It's just covering it up, I HATE it. Besides, it's medicine and it goes through my tube...two very obnoxious and mean combinations. :/ Oh! And I also started for the first time today my Co-Q10 supplement as part of my mito cocktail!! (mixture of vitamins supposed to help with the build of the mitochondria and energy). Dr. Korson told me that I need to be on more TPN cause I'm not getting enough with the volume i'm on based on my bloodwork. Also told me I need a new line and need to pull this PICC cause PICCs are not meant to be long-long term, and this is gonna be long-long term (which REALLY sucks!! things better shape up soon - or I'm gonna seriously punch somebody! referring to my organs, by the way.)

Thank you thank you thank you for continuing to pray for me and for all this love and support! It's so amazing! :D If you would please pray especially tonight, though, for three people that are on my mind....
1) Kelsey - my friend Kelsey needs prayer cause she's sick in the hospital, she's there a LOT and from what I know she's gotten infections in her central line and that's really bad :( Please pray that she gets healed and gets stable to go back home where she belongs!!

2) Brittany - my friend Brittany is so dear to me, she is one of the sweetest girls I've ever met...she has also been in the hospital for almost two months. They just found out that her fairly new, seemingly clean PICC line is now possibly growing something. She's had too many central lines :( Please pray that she can get healed from any infection or any malnourishment in her body that is causing her to have to stay in the hospital longer or something dramatically great will happen soon to her body to speed up recovery and go home super soon!!

3) David (Kels' friend) - From what I know, I don't know David but he is one of Kelsey's dear friends back in her previous hometown. He has cystic fibrosis, had a double lung transplant and is in the ICU right now, been really sick for a very long time. They are starting to ask the family to start asking for his wishes because his chance of survival is very very slim. It's really sad, please pray that this family could receive comfort that the right decision be made or God puts His healing hand on David so he can jump out of that hospital bed and prove that miracles exist. 

Thank you guys so very much for reading. You're so great :) Remember that. Give yourself a hug for me :) hehehe. Love you all!

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