Saturday, August 6, 2011


YAY! So, if you guys know me and have been in contact with me, you probably know that I've been in the hospital for the past month! Yeah, it's been a REALLY long time. I BEGGED my GI doctor (gastroenterologist - works with tummies!) to let me go home for two days because I'm being admitted to The Floating Hospital for Children in Boston on Monday. I'm going to be getting two huge tests done on Tuesday. I'm NOT excited at all for those tests but they are supposed to provide us with the most vital information!! Can't believe we're finally getting somewhere. We will also be seeing the mitochondrial disease specialist while in the hospital.

Wow, so yeah, I'm going HOME!!! The social worker JUST came in and told us that I'm all set and I just need to get my discharge papers completed. We needed to get home health figured out cause I need to go home on TPN (IV nutrition). I think I'm one of the happiest girls on the planet right now. I just can't wait to go home, see my doggie, see my own house and sleep in my own bed for the first time in a month. It definitely is a big deal for me as you can tell. :p

I'm sad I'm leaving my nurses though. :( You get really attached to everyone when you're in the hospital for a month...I'm sure I'll be back one day...but I really hope not anytime so soon. I'm gonna give everyone a hug and wanted to give them all thank you cards. And since all my nurses are not here today and my night nurses and stuff are also not here it sucks. Kind of bittersweet leaving like this!

Wow guys. I still can't believe I'm going HOME for two days. :')

Talk to you laters... :)

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